i'm drawn to beautiful light, genuine emotions, & warm/neutral tones.  my goal is to not only capture your special moments in the most beautiful way but to present them in the most beautiful piece of artwork to cherish that moment everyday and forever.  i love simplicity: simply beautiful light works & simple but well coordinated wardrobe will do its job.  i am madly in love with my work to create the most beautiful you.


hi, i'm joy.  i’m a mom to one beautiful girl and one sweet little boy.  they are the reason why i started this journey, & i love capturing their precious moments as they grow up.  they are my inspiration and my muses. i’m also a wife to a great man who loves me for who i am, who supports my passion and dream.  without him, i couldn’t have pursued this career.  i’m a night owl.  my brain feels much clearer at night than morning.  i like to organize but ironically i get mad when the house needs to be reorganized! i like talking.  i like to talk with my husband the most.  he is my best friend.  i wish he wouldn't fall asleep before me because i want to talk to him more.  i like sweetened coffee (iced coffee is even better!).  i am addicted to carbs.  my doctor told me to cut down on my carbs, but I can’t help it.  i hate exercise.  i gained too much weight during pregnancy and i can’t lose the weights.


i'd love to hear your story.  

i'd love to be the one who captures & create your story.


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