JOY HAN PHOTOGRAPHY ::: It really is happening!!!

most recently captured

most recently captured

I am so proud to announce that my official website joy han photography has launched!  I am so thrilled that this is really happening!!  Of course, I do not know how to officially start this business, no paper forms, legal documents are made yet...  & most of all I still haven't had my VERY FIRST client session yet...but why do I need to care about those things...  What matters most is that I have decided to walk this journey and take this challenge!!!!  

Even though I feel so so so nervous, just even thinking about having sessions with clients, I want to do this because I want to grow.  Everyday I am thinking and reading to become a better photographer.  Photography gives me joy and makes me feel proud of myself when I see my progression as a photographer.  

I imagine myself as a photographer after 5 or 10 years from now and i hope that I have become a better photographer who captures people's most precious moments & bring them joy with my work.

Please cheer me and encourage me by leaving me your comments!! :)

Also I added Facebook page too! Find me on Facebook also.


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