This was a special family session for my client because her mother came from Germany to see her family and she wanted to capture this moment with her mom and her daughter together.  But more importantly this was a very special to myself because they were my very first clients!!  I was so nervous of course, as the day was approaching I wanted to call her and cancel the session so badly.  Worst of all, she herself is a photographer!!! OTL.  Who wouldn't get nervous when you are shooting for the first time officially and that's happens to be a photographer?!?!  

But as soon as I met them on the day, my fear and nervous feelings were gone.  I enjoyed capturing them loving and caring for each other.  The little girl really enjoyed playing in the area and it was so lovely.  Moreover she liked me!! a lot!! :)  

Even though I was a bit clumsy during the session, they were very understanding and patient with me. I feel like this experience helped me grow as a photographer and a good starting point for me in this journey.

Here are the moments of them creating special memories which will last forever...

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