captures the intense emotions of this special time for parents and the baby.  A newborn is a new beginning which you want to remember.  Joy Han Photography captures these invaluable memories as art to cherish forever.  My focus in newborn photography is capturing those moments in most innocent and timeless way.  Also my style of capturing and editing your photos are focused on prints not just on digital image files.  I always imagine how these will look when they are put up on the walls.  This is why I tend to use natural colors and avoid strong and vivid colors.  Natural tone and Simple colors will fit into any space and any type of decorations in your house.  Moreover this style is timeless meaning they are suitable in any trend.  My photos are meant to be printed and hang on the walls or kept in heirloom albums.  Please consult with me if you are interested in framing your photos.  I can help you choose the right size, and the right frame types depending on the photos you are interested.

I take combination of posed and natural poses for newborn photos.  Simply because I like both.  There are beauty of posed newborn photos.  Newborns are very flexible and they end to curl up their body because that's how they were positioned in their mother's womb.  The posed newborn shots enhance these beauty of newborns.  I also take natural poses because they look so comfortable and natural.  More than anything I like capturing parents holding newborns the most because I love capturing connections in the newborn photos!  I love the way parents stare at their baby.  I love how babies are snuggled in their mommy and/or daddy's arm.  This is the true emotion that I want to capture and give to my clients because I want them to remember how they felt when they first held their baby in their arms.  

Newborn photography is best done in the first 14 days while babies are sleeping deeply and curling up naturally into those adorable poses. 

There is nothing more beautiful and sweet than newborns.  Joy Han Photography will capture one of the most special moments you want to remember in a SIMPLE, a PURE, and a LOVELY way so you can treasure those moments for a lifetime.  


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